6 comments on “Growing JBP from Seed Part 2

    • Thanks Mike! If I call correctly you’ve grown JBP from seed so thanks for the comment. I’ll be trying my hand at more next year. I can’t wait for our wiring class still a month away though!

  1. Like the idea of the pipe in the middle – makes sense.
    I wonder what the chances are for other species using this cutting -of-seedling technique?
    Like the step by step pictures of your blog!

    • You would think this would work for lots of trees grown from seed. The seedlings are growing well and has been really fun to see. I’ll be trying a bigger batch next year. Thanks for looking.

    • It’s a technique developed by a guy in Japan and is featured in the Stone Lantern Pines book. The gist is, by cutting them at this stage you get the nebari to start radially from the same level on the trunk, as well as get rid off the tap root. If this isn’t performed then it make take years to get the roots sorted out to become a bonsai. Thanks for your question.

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