4 comments on “New Greenhouse

  1. Hi Lisa here, I have the same model greenhouse u have exept due to the elements this summer, my directions are a mess, do u know the brand… So I can find some instructions…. It looks kinda straight forward …. But in saying that…. It could be a nightmare too! Just wondering thanks . Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      I really don’t remember the brand name but I actually think that assembly should be pretty easy for you. Start with the base, maybes pictures would help you? For what it’s worth, the plastic got destroyed during Sandy and subsequent snowstorms.

  2. Nice green house…You can always convert it and improvise with maybe clear sheets or shade cloth around…Nice pine and juni…Make sure leave some sacrifice branches to fatten the base or create taper…and a leader, and keep the foliage on the branches you want to keep close to the trunk…by cutting back just above live needles, and start decandling those branches…I posted a bit of info pictures on FB.

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