8 comments on “Repotting and Spring Work on JBP

  1. I noticed in your pictures that you use a drainage layer in the bottom of your pot. Read this article written by Al Fassezke when you get time. Al did a lecture at our club last year about soil mixes and Perched Water Tables. He basically says that the drainage layer does not work. He says to use a Wick to remove the water at the bottom of the pot. A good thing to use as a wick is strands from a rayon string mop.(don’t use cotton).


    • Tim, if you follow Peter Tea’s blog you’ll see that the nursery he is the apprentice at uses a drainage layer as well. I have read your link and do agree with what was said however. Guess I’ll experiment myself in future repots.

    • Mike,

      Awesome to hear from a fellow Kaikou member! I am using this blog as a way to keep progressions and work that I’ve performed. I think a blog is a great idea let me know when you have one up.


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